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Alternative Engagement Rings

Alternative Engagement Rings

Do you think of you and your partner as an alternative couple? Perhaps you have unusual personal style or just simply don’t like to conform? Well why pretend to be something you’re not? When you propose to your other half purchase an alternative engagement ring!


Coloured Stones

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and are traditionally used in solitaire rings for proposals by why not shake things up a little and add a coloured stone to the arrangement. Rubies and sapphires look gorgeous teamed with diamonds or scrap the diamonds completely and go for a more organic looking moonstone. These will change colour with the light meaning they can be any colour you like.


Love Rings

Precious metal rings that spell out the word love have recently been made popular thanks to reality star and author Lauren Conrad who wears this ring alongside her engagement ring. You could use this as an alternative to an engagement ring however. It even states its sentiment!


Crown Rings

Similar to the love rings a crown ring plays on the traditional shape of an engagement ring. A crown or tiara ring is created in the shape of the headpiece and can be given to any queen or girlfriend who expects to be treated like a princess. These jewel encrusted rings look unusual and fit perfectly on top of a simple wedding band.

Crossover or Swirl Rings

Could you imagine a diamond hovering effortlessly? Well that is the effect that crossover or swirl rings have. The precious stone of your choice is jammed between the two ends of the rings which never join. The precious stone is the element which keeps the ring together. This could be representative of the love that keeps your two characters together.

Weave or Knot Rings

If you want to buy a ring which is slightly chunkier than the average engagement ring then take a look at weave or knot rings. They have a Celtic influenced design and are generally harder wearing than other rings due to their multiple strands of precious metal.


Short Term Solutions

If you are the spontaneous type or would rather your other half choose her own ring then you could always propose with a temporary ring. We have known people to propose with Hula Hoop crisps, a Haribo sweet ring or even the good old fashioned party ring biscuits. You could even try a metal nut!
Now you know the type of ring you want to buy you just have to work out how much to spend on an engagement ring. We recommend two month’s salary! Check out our range of patterned wedding bands for something a little different!