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DIY Wedding Do

Planning your perfect wedding day doesn’t have to cost the world. Money isn’t everything. You can make a fantastic day without cutting items by doing a little DIY. Not convinced? Well here are a few creative ideas to get those money saving imagination juices flowing.


wedding rings and rose

Say ‘I do’ to DIY



You want to thank your guests for spending a special day with you but at the same time you don’t want to spend a fortune. Plus the bigger your guest list the more it is going to cost you. Cut the costs but add a cute and whimsical touch with matches and mints.
Okay so matches and mints don’t sound like the best idea but with a bit of DIY they can transform into great gifts. Your guests will get good use out of them too! Buy match boxes in bulk and create your own homemade labels to surround them which read ‘match made in heaven’. Do the same with soft mints or polo’s and the message ‘mint to be’. This play on marriage statements will get a chuckle and will cost you a fraction of the price of regular favours.

Table Decorations

Simple things can make a big difference. Make your table arrangement kitsch with red paper napkins folded into heart shapes laid on plates, and save any jam jars at home to hold tea lights.
Vases from charity shops can make a great addition to tables and can be picked up for under a £1 in some places. Rather than spend your money at a florist pick up matching bouquets from a supermarket and place with water in the vases. And voila! You have flowers for a fraction of the price.
While at the community shop keep your eyes peeled for old lace curtains and tablecloths. Layered up these look great on your tables and will keep to the white lace theme of your dress.


Although a DJ is a classic addition at a wedding, guests may get a little bored. So shake things up a bit by getting a live band to play. You might even save a few pennies if you know a friend who plays and owns their own sound equipment.
Immortalising your big day in photographs is important and you’d love some funny snaps of your friends enjoying themselves. Photo booths are really expensive though. Put disposable cameras on tables or create your own booth with your own camera.
Head to your local reclamation yard and buy an old door that once had a window in its top half. It doesn’t matter if it looks a bit shabby. Prop the door up against a tree backdrop or a scenic area and use it as a photo frame. You could even paint cute messages on old boards to be held up. Watch out for splinters!

Wedding Cakes

Tradition dictates you have a three tier white or ivory cake with floral decoration. Break from the mould and save a pretty penny by purchasing a cake stand online and baking your own cupcakes. Bake 1 cake for every guest and get creative with icing detail. You could even serve these as dessert.

Think you can make or buy these items? One thing about these is you don’t have to be an artist or a master chef. You just have to invest some time. DIY weddings are the way forward for money savvy fiancés and have a great personal touch. Plus any money you save can be spent on your palladium wedding rings. Good luck with your organising!