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How to Organise Your Bridesmaids

How to Organise Your Bridesmaids

You’ve picked the date, your venue, bought your palladium wedding rings and told everyone you are engaged so it’s time to choose your bridesmaids and get them organised. It may be your day but your bridesmaids pay a big part in it and you want it to go off without a hitch.

Introducing Your Bridesmaids

Although you know your bridesmaids, well they may not know each other. Perhaps you grew up with some, others you lived with at uni or maybe you met one or two bridesmaids at work. Since they’ll be spending a lot of time together over the next few months it is probably a good idea to introduce them.
Get out your best wedding stationary and write them a letter. Yes email or social media is quicker, but writing by hand is more heartfelt. It should read something along the lines of:


Thank you so much for agreeing to be one of my bridesmaids, I’m really excited! We have known each other for a long time now and I can proudly say you are one of my best friends. As you know I have chosen my other bridesmaids and as not everyone knows each other, I thought I’d introduce you to each other.
My Maid of Honour/ Head Bridesmaid is NAME. I have known her for NUMBER years and we met at LOCATION. I’ve passed on your contact details so I’m sure she will get in contact soon but if you want to message her email EMAIL ADDRESS.
(List the names and contact details of the other bridesmaids)
Thanks again, can’t wait to see you in your bridesmaids dress! Oh and of course the hen night!

Knowing What to Expect

When your friends agreed to be your bridesmaids they were probably very excited and touched. All the duties and responsibilities they will have won’t have come to mind. Once the excitement has worn off a little make sure they know what to expect. You don’t want to scare them off but they need to know what to expect.
Financial contribution may be an important factor in your friend’s decision whether they want to be a part of your wedding. Outline the costs before anything is bought so there won’t be any nasty surprises and help out where you can.


Organising Checklist

Here is a handy check list to help you on your way to getting perfectly organised bridesmaids:

  • Pick your bridesmaids
  • Tell them to keep the date free
  • Discuss wedding ideas
  • Ask them to commit and give the option to back out
  • Get measurements, dress and shoe sizes
  • Pick and order dresses
  • Enlist the bridesmaids to help write invites and make wedding favours Buy gifts for your bridesmaids
  •  Delegate on-the-day duties
  • Book hair and make-up appointments
  •  Wrap bridesmaids’ gifts and present them

With this checklist and handy tips you’ll sure to be on your way to organised bliss but if you can think of any other bridesmaid related issues don’t be shy, ask us a question on Facebook.