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A Symbol of Eternity

For many years now eternity rings have been given as a gift to symbolise never ending love, and our palladium eternity rings are very popular, but eternity symbols have been around for hundredsOuroboros

if not thousands of years. Many people are now taking this symbol of love even further by having a symbol of eternity tattooed on their ring finger. After all, what is more permanent than a tattoo?

If you are intrigued about symbols of eternal love take a gander at this round up. You could even get them engraved into your palladium wedding bands!

Uroborus or Ouroboros

This is a circular symbol of a snake biting its own tail and is also said to represent the circle of life.

The ouroboros was first used in ancient Egypt and represented the sun as well as the travels of the sun disk. For those who believed in Gnosticism the symbol was associated with the solar God Abraxas, eternity and the soul of the world.

This symbol is also often shown in a lemniscate shape which is like a sideward number eight and is referred to as an infinity symbol.

World Triad

A symbol of cosmic creativity and threefold nature of reality or fate with western Gnostics, the world triad symbol originated as an oriental symbol. Known as the maga-tama or nitsu tomoe in Japan it is known as the Cosmic Mandal, a symbol of the Trimurti in Bhutan and Tibet. This symbol is reminiscent of the yin yang and is commonly used as a symbol of eternity.


The shen symbol resembles a circle placed on top of a small line and is said to be a loop of rope. It may also be depicted with a sun disk at its centre. As well as this, it also depicts protection. You may recognise this symbol as it is often portrayed clutched by bird-form deities such as Horus or Mut with their wings outstretched.

The term ‘shen’ is derived from ‘shenu’ which translates as ‘encircle’ and had been previously used as a cartouche in hieroglyphics to name the king.

Endless Knot

Also known as the mystic dragon, the endless knot is one of eight auspicious signs in Buddhism which represent the religions eight fold paths.  It is an important cultural marker in places such as Tibet and Mongolia. As well as eternity it is also a symbol of unity and is sometimes used in Chinese art and knots.

Alpha Omega

This may sound like an American fraternity but these first letters of the Greek alphabet actually form a symbol that recalls the Book of Revelation. It says: “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord.” This symbol of eternity pre-dates Christianity however as they were often used in a similar context in Pagan stories.

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