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Wedding Rings – Platinum yes, but Palladium?

Showing off your wedding rings, you’ll invariably be asked about the choice of precious metal – gold is traditional and platinum is in big demand. Say “I’ve chosen white gold or platinum” the reaction will generally be “oooooh!” but say, it’s palladium, the reaction will likely be a blank one. The fact is, white gold and platinum have more value attached and are popular because of their suitability to be enduring, eternal, beautiful pieces of jewellery or wedding rings.

Wedding rings – the precious metal debate

So what exactly is palladium? Palladium is used occasionally in wedding rings as a replacement for platinum or white gold. It has naturally white properties, and is much lighter than the other precious metals. But unlike platinum which is so suited to wedding rings because of its durability, palladium can discolour, can become brittle or react with strong acids. Palladium was used during World War Two for wedding rings after the government declared platinum was needed as a strategic resource. But some people opt for palladium even if it is very much viewed as platinum’s poorer cousin, due to the increased cost of platinum.

Platinum or Palladium wedding rings?

Palladium may become a more common metal for wedding rings in the UK, but currently the main market for the metal is centred in China. Palladium simply isn’t recognised widely here, and unlike platinum or white gold, it doesn’t have that wow factor. But as demand increases, the profile and popularity of palladium wedding rings could go up too.

Be sure of your investment

Many people opt for platinum not simply for aesthetic reasons but because of allergies. It’s not uncommon to be allergic to silver and white gold – and platinum is ideal because it has few impurities. If you’re going to be investing in a wedding ring that will last you a life time, it’s crucial you find out if you have any allergies before buying your rings. Allergies can result in bad rashes that can be uncomfortable and look distressing. Titanium is hypoallergenic and can be another alternative for wedding rings – it’s used by many piercers for that very reason. Whichever wedding ring you choose, always think about the type of metal that suits you and your budget as well as how it looks aesthetically.