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How Will You Pop the Question?

How Will You Pop the Question?

So you didn’t want to propose on Valentine’s Day as you think your other half would find it a bit clichéd but you really do want to pop the question soon as your nerves are shot. But what can you do? You want to do something original. Here is a little inspiration:

Say it With Jewellery
You ask someone to marry you with a ring traditionally but why not give her more jewellery and propose using a necklace. You can pick up envelope necklaces quite cheap in most high street fashion stores. Make sure that these open – if not a locket may also work.
Place a small card inside that says “will you marry me?” and when you give her the gift ask her to open the necklace. As she does so get down on one knee.


Take Away Treat
Are you and your other half partial to a good takeaway on a Friday night? Perhaps it is your weekly treat? Then sneak in something special and she won’t suspect a thing. A few days before when you get the house to yourself try making your own fortune cookies. There are plenty of recipes online and this shouldn’t be too hard.
Decorate the fortune cookies with red icing and sprinkle with edible glitter but make sure to hide the ring inside first. Present her with the fortune cookies after your meal and get ready to get down on one knee!

Home Movie
Does your partner have a favourite movie? Then you could offer to watch it one cold night while snuggling under a blanket. What they won’t know is that you have added a secret message at the end of the film where the credits should be.
Pre-film your proposal and add to the end of the film. If you’re not sure how to do this then you’re sure to have a techy friend who will know how. Your only job then is to sit back and try not to panic for the 2 hours or so the film lasts. Also make sure she doesn’t fall asleep watching the film or she will miss your special edit.

YouTube Clips
If you enjoy watching vines or fail videos on YouTube then you could get creative and make your own proposal version. Rope in a few friends and get filming one day, you may even be able to do it on your phone. Tell your partner that you’ve just seen a hilarious video on YouTube and place the laptop in front of her. As they watch your video get down on one knee and ask them to marry you.
This proposal has the element of surprise and the creative efforts are sure to be appreciated.

Has one of these ideas caught your eye? If you propose with one of these ideas make sure to send us a photo or even the video!