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How Will You Present the Rings on Your Wedding Day?

How Will You Present the Rings on Your Wedding Day?

Are you considering an alternative way of presenting your palladium wedding rings on your wedding day? Perhaps the best man has a habit of losing and forgetting things or perhaps you want something a little different? Either way, here are a few inspirational ideas of how to bear your rings:


Imagine holding your arm up in the air and a snowy white barn owl swooping down and landing lightly on your hand. Your rings tied to their ankle with a delicate ribbon. How romantic! Of course you won’t be able to keep the owl but what could be more perfect for your special day? We Know! Doves!
Doves have long been a symbol of purity and love and are now commonly incorporated into a wedding ceremony. Instead of releasing them as you exit the church why not use them as ring bearers?



Are you an animal lover? Perhaps you have a pet pooch who literally is man’s best friend? Incorporating a family pet into the proceedings can add a personal and sentimental touch. After all, for many their pet is a valuable family member.
Attach the wedding bands to your dog’s collar and have a member of the bridal party walk them down the aisle. Or if you have a young child or toddler in the family you can make them even cuter by placing them in a toy wagon with the ring cushions and having the pup pull them down the aisle.
Of course animal involvement isn’t restricted to dogs – these are simply easier to train. Perhaps you have a pet micro pig or pigmy hippo you want to use? Or maybe a lizard?



The traditional way of presenting the rings is on a white pillow carried by a page boy. Stick to tradition but put a modern twist on it by using a heart shaped pillow or perhaps matching the pillow to the groom’s tie and the colour scheme.


Tied to the Bouquet

Let’s face it, wedding rings can be a big investment. So keep them close to you by attaching the rings to your bridal bouquet. This way you know they are safe at all times, plus they will add some sparkle to your flowers. Bouquet ornaments are quickly becoming a wedding trend and rings are the perfect alternative to rhinestones or pearls.

Other Ideas

The possibilities are endless if you have a creative mind when it comes to presenting your palladium wedding rings at your wedding. If the ideas above haven’t tickled your fancy then take a look at the extra ones listed below:
In a Seashell – If you are having a beach set wedding then keep on theme by introducing the wedding rings from inside a seashell. Pearls are found inside molluscs so why can’t palladium for the day? Just make sure to give the shell a thorough clean before you put the rings in or they’ll get a little sandy.
Personalised Box – A jewellery or trinket box would be a great place to keep the wedding rings safe. And if they are ornate they will look lovely when carried down the aisle. Engrave a wooden trinket box with a loving sentiment, shine with a pearl inlaid box or use a music box so when the rings are retrieved sweet music plays.
Ceramic Plate – With a similar idea to a pillow, a ceramic plate will openly present the rings. Have the plate engraved with your favourite romantic poem, the first words you said to each other when you met or perhaps your names and the wedding date.

Have you got any better ideas for ring bearing? Let us know on Twitter!